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Thursday, March 27 2014

I know we are way overdue an update on how everything has been going and now there are so many things I want to share but… rather than write an epic blog post that you will need to grab a cup of coffee or two to get through, I’m planning on a series of short snippets over the next few days. So, top of my priorities is to let you know that Tracy has had a great week. With another couple of chemo treatments under the belt without further hiccup and it being Mike and Tracy's anniversary, Mike’s company generously decided to send the three of them away for some very welcome R&R. All I can say, is that each day the photos sent back had broader and broader smiles. It is the first time they have been away anywhere other than a camp site in a number of years! I am hoping Mike and Tracy will do a separate post to share what an amazing time they had, but for now, it is evident what a little R&R can do for the mind, body and soul, especially when you need it most:-)

Another item high in my priorities to share how Tracy’s army continues to go from strength to strength and now has 107 people standing with her. Without wanting to steal our donation tracker's thunder (coming to the website soon) we have now raised over $9000!!!! The generosity and support amazes, humbles and overwhelms us but, most of all, it provides strength and solidarity that can’t be achieved on our own. I’ve seen first-hand the stressors being reduced and Tracy using her energy and commitment to focus on what is most important. These impacts are....priceless and, although it goes completely against Tracy and Mike’s nature to stand back and accept help, they know this is not a battle to be fought alone . So, if you wonder if your contribution has made a difference, or if your thoughts and prayers count, I can tell you that they do, every single day. It might sound cheesy but it is the truth from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you to the newest members of Tracy’s army which now includes the Ellis family, Kevin A, Medusa of Mollymook, Ellani Collections, Jewels hair by Design, Goodman Fielder, Vacuwash, Michelle G, Nat & John L, John P, Warren & Katherine B, Penny N, Lauren P, Elizabeth J, Adel A, Susan M,.Sarah and Louis C, Katie I, Wayne I, Amy L,  Belinda N, David P, Lisa F, Julian and Paulo O, Nadir A, Sally P, the Johanns, Jacqueline C, Guy W, Catherine Fitz-G, Penny and Paul H, Daryl and Glenda J, Danni, Stef and Saskia, Maurice and Beryl, Fiona H, Belinda J-B, Mel S, Helena and all of their families.

The power of people:-)

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