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Tuesday, May 20 2014
Relay for Life 2014

Some of you may know that my sister's partner, Ingrid Helff, started the 200km cancer walk team in 2010. It began with Ingrid and my nephew Jason (aged 14 at the time), walking 200km from Bathurst to Castle Hill!!! Since then, it has grown and developed into a massive family and friends annual event, that we all get to enjoy, thanks to Ingrid's tireless work as our Team Captain. Over the years we have raised $51, 737 for the Cancer Council. During this time we had no idea that, one day, it would be our family that would be praying and hoping for a miracle, perhaps one that money we have raised can help to have discovered. As a good friend of mine Meg said recently 'Anyone of us could be a sleep away from being propelled from the giving side to the receiving side, so, whilst we can give, we should! She is a wise and incredible woman that gives so much of her time and energy to Charity and we are lucky to have her as part of Tracy's army.

This year, relaying and the search for a cure, was, personal. As we stood there during the Hope ceremony Tracy was in the forefront of our minds. We lit candles and wrote out our messages for her. We missed her so much, as in previous years, she was always standing with us. In fact, as we stood there last year, Tracy had Cancer but we just didn't know it. That thought hit us hard. But, as we stood with all of the other survivors, carers and supporters you could feel the Hope in the cool, crisp evening air. The candlelight softened the darkness and the music uplifted us. You could feel the power of people standing together in the fight. The tears were close to my eyes, but as I looked around, the Hope was stronger than anything else. The fear of what might lie ahead receded, the sadness went with it and, as we walked the lap of Hope around the oval, I felt strength fill the air and me along with it. We wished Tracy had been there to feel it too.

As we placed our messages of Hope on the podium, Sharon and I looked up and requested our miracle, for that is our Hope. We held hands and walked down together. Cancer better understand it can't mess with sisters! Mike, Henry and the kids followed, each placing their own messages on the podium and then we all stood together to look back.

Next year Tracy will be with us to place a message of her own.

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