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Tracy's Diagnosis Timeline

April 2013                    Notices lump. Visits a GP. Has a mammogram and ultrasound

                                    Diagnosis: Cysts. Nothing to indicate malignancy.


October 2013              Endoscopy and Colonoscopy (still looking for why she felt unwell)

                                    Diagnosis: Hiatus Hernia. Nothing of major concern.


November 2013          Begins seeing a Chiropractor after months of increasing back pain


Christmas 2013/          Pain begins to escalate exponentially and spread

New Year


January 2014              Goes to another GP. Has back CT scan.     

Diagnosis: Tumours on spine. Pathological fracture of T12. Also known as our ‘What the heck’ moment of disbelief?

Query Breast or Bone Cancer?

Has breast biopsy, CT scans, MRI, Bone scan, Blood tests etc.

Diagnosis: Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer (Stage 4). Tumours/Lesions throughout bones. Query spot on liver. Other organs clear (some good news at lastJ)


February 2014            The fight begins.

Further biopsy

Radiotherapy Round 1, two week required break, followed by a second set of scans


March 2014               Chemo Round 1

About us

4Tracy4Life has been setup to raise funds for Tracy Williamson in her fight against Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer.

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