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Where will the funds go?

In the first month since Tracy’s diagnosis she has spent almost $4000 in tests, scans, biopsies and consultations and she hasn’t even started round one of chemo. Of this there has been over $1000 gap that is not covered by either Medicare of Private Health. She has also spent over $650 on medication (after government subsidises),  none of which is covered by Medicare or Private Health.

The monthly on-going costs of the total gap are over $1650

You may want to make a donation that will cover specific costs that Tracy will regularly incur as part of this journey. The table below provides a guideline of what the gap cost is for various treatments.



A month's worth of medications

(up to 32 tablets per day)


A set of CT scans

$285 (gap after Medicare claim)

Breast MRI*

$550 (every 8 weeks)

Average specialist consultation gap (initial)


Average specialist consultation gap (subsequent)


* Because Tracy has not had surgery on her breast yet due to urgency of starting systemic treatment (chemo), she cannot have mammograms and will be required to have Breast MRI’s instead. Breast MRI’s are not covered.

Tracy has been very fortunate to have her radiotherapy done with the amazing team at Royal North Shore otherwise these costs would have been higher. She also has an incredible oncologist who has offered her a special consultation rate that will reduce her gap. We are very grateful for both.

About us

4Tracy4Life has been setup to raise funds for Tracy Williamson in her fight against Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer.

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